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T.M.Lewin is a premium clothing brand based in UK that sells men and women's clothing, shirts with free shipping and custom designs to your home address.

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Info About & T. M. Lewin Store

TM Lewis is a UK based retailer of menswear. The company was founded in 1898 by Thomas Mayes Lewin who subsequently named the company after himself. Over the years the company has come to be well renowned for the quality of its products and exceptional service. The company and its founder have played a crucial role in developing the design of shirts that are widely used today. The company at present operates out of more than 100 stores across the UK. 

Product Offerings

The company’s product offerings mainly consist of clothing, that is specifically catered towards med. Some of these offerings include Shirts, Suits, and Ties. The company also offers woman’s clothing on a smaller scale. The company claims that it still follows traditional manufacturing practices to maintain the quality of its offerings. The company uses special quality cotton while making all of their offerings to ensure that all of their products have excellent build quality.

Gift Card

The company allows its customers to purchase and send gift cards to their loved ones. Customers can fill up these gift cards with any custom amount. These gift cards can be used to shop from any of the company’s offline outlets as well as the online store. The company also offers these gift cards with special packaging if the customers wish to send these cards as gifts to someone.

Student Discounts

The company offers its student customers with special discounts. These discounts are applicable to almost all of the offerings listed by the company. The company offers these discounts in partnership with UNiDAYS. Students with membership in Unidays can enjoy these discount services through the company.

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