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Toys R Us was established in 1948 and is an international toys, games, clothing and baby products retailer company. It had more than 800 stores located in both the US and Canada but has since declined in numbers due to bankruptcy. Currently, online sales of their products are active along with a few stores located in Canada and US. 

Products and Services 

Being one of the popular brands of toys, Toys R Us used to be a one-stop destination for buying various toys and games. As of now, they sell a variety of items such as outdoor games, pet supplies, musical instruments, action figures, electronics, books, and collectibles. They have a separate department called Babies R Us where they exclusively sell baby products and toys. They also sell tablets, e-readers & accessories and educational toys for kids. They offer a wide range of products at huge discounted rates and host various sales events and promotions. By signing up to their email newsletter, you can easily stay up to date with the latest news, products, contests, in-store events and sales. They host events exclusively for children to show their latest products, conduct contests and fun activities for the kids. For special needs children, they have specially designed products and toys to help them in their studies and creativity. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) toys are also sold by Toys R Us to help children get creative and learn by playing with these toys.  

Toys R Us has a special RClub membership where subscribed members can enjoy exclusive offers, promotions and invitations to special events. If they order their products online, they can choose to collect their order from the nearest store in about an hour. They also enjoy free shipping of their products on certain purchases. 

Currently, international shipping may be unavailable to many countries. To see if their country is eligible for international shipping, customers need to change the region of the website to their own region to see if they deliver their products to that region or not.

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