Tredz is an online retailer for bikes, cycle accessories and sportswear for men, women and kids on their online platform with Free shipping and home delivery.

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Info About & Tredz Store

Tredz is the brand of Performance cycles, which deals in cycling equipment retailing in the United Kingdom. Tredz got its first seed planted in business in the 1980s as M&P cycles, which turned to Cycleworld and later renamed as Tredz. Their online business started by the launch of their website in 2006. They have installed 3 stores for customers to visit, take the demo and buy bicycles, accessories, and equipment. Their stores are located in Swansea and Cardiff. The Giant store in Swansea is one of the largest stores for bicycles in the UK. 

Products and Services

All the major brand products are made available to customers at Tredz store and online platforms, such as Shimano, Continental, Madison, Giant, Oakley and many more. Giant stores are equipped with a wide range of products for all cycling needs that includes bicycles of all terrains and applications, clothing and apparels required for cycling, accessories like bottles, gloves, helmets and many more. 
Performance cycle’s brand Tredz has been known for keeping the market of cycling warm by providing high-quality products and excellent service. They offer services such as 365 days return, which allows customers to return the product if they’re not happy with it or it doesn’t fulfil their purpose. 

In addition to their service, price match guarantee is provided, which means if you get the same product at a lesser price anywhere else, the lower price will be matched for you. In addition to this, free 8-week insurance for your purchased bike is provided, which is included in the price of the bike. 

Tredz team and Specialists

Tredz is made up of cycling enthusiasts and has a team of road cyclists and mountain bikers’ who represent Tredz at various rally and competitions at national and international platforms. Also, Tredz is represented by their Brand Ambassadors Mark Colbourne and Bethan Fowler.

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