Trivago Uk is a hotel price comparison website which has grown across different countries. It shows the cost of hotels from different websites to enhance the user experience by saving time and money.

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Info About

One of the leading and well-known lodge or room booking, car rentals, and hotel booking search engine. Trivago is one of the leading travel companies having its headquarters in Germany but serving more than 50 plus countries. The major owner of Trivago Company is an American based Company Expedia Group, which owns the maximum number of shares. Founded and established in 2005, it has its operation in most of the countries and provides with best service at and accessible rates.

How do the model and site work?

Trivago is commonly known as the leading search engine for comparing different rates and hotel bookings with different websites. The company mostly earns its revenue by its main advertising and marketing partner with the business model, which is based on cost per click method. With the number of clicks, the hoteliers, booking agencies and service agent advertise on the site.

Secondly, the other method which is provided by Trivago is offering a free version of the hotel products that helps in the marketing on the company website. Providing the facility of comparing more than 1 million hotels worldwide and around 200 plus booking sites Trivago offers the best of all to its customers and members.

How to search at TRIVAGO?

Now, as you go to trivago website start to enter the details of your travel with expected return dates and stay period, trivago will start searching for the best options as per your requirement. You can also choose your budget and try to be specific with the rates, location, areas, hotels, resort or hostel stays. One can easily book the car rental deals, room and hotel dining facilities, free service and sports amenities, and many more.

How are the bookings done?

As Trivago is known for its hotel booking search engine the booking for the respective things will be done and prices and the list of hotels for the same will be referred and shown as the availability or requirements mentioned by the customer. A feature called View deal is available that will help compare and lead to reservation and completion portal along with the payments.

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