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Vans is a US-based retailer of clothing and apparel. The company was founded in 1966 and in Anaheim. The company was founded by Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren. The company is most well known in the fashion industry for its innovative footwear offerings. Though the company initially started out as a footwear retailer, over time it expanded its operations and at present lists clothing as well as accessories among its lists of offerings.


The company’s product offerings mainly consist of designer clothing and apparel. Some of the products listed by the company on its platform include footwear, t-shirts, tops, as well as wallet and handbags among others. The company lists offerings for men, women as well as children. The company also runs a dedicated line of clothing and footwear for skaters, this collection is known as the Skate Pro collection.

Custom Shoes

The company offers its customers the option of customizing shoes that they have purchased through the company. Customers can have the materials and colors of the shoes changed through the company. Customers can even have their shoes designed to contain custom art of their choosing. They even have the option of including special custom material like moisture absorbing material with their shoes.

Waffle Drops

The Waffle drops section of the company’s website list rare and exclusive products that are available for a limited time only. Some of the collections offered by the company on this platform include Made for the makers, David Bowie collection, Varix WC collection and the space voyager collection among others.

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