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Virgin Experience Days are the experience gifting section of the Virgin group of companies. Established in 1988, they imbibe the values of the Virgin group such as quality and innovation and aim to provide customers with the best experiences they will ever have. 

They also have a commitment with Virgin Unite, the charitable trust established under the Virgin group. Virgin Experience Days gives away a part of its profits to deserving charities each year and keep up their commitment to social welfare. 


Most of their experiences are based in specific cities in the UK. Hence international orders aren't always guaranteed although they do have a return policy. 

These experiences aim to be an entirely tailored adventure through which the customers will be guided to make the most of it. The categories of these experiences are divided into food and drink, sports, flying, driving, short holidays and so on. 

The food and drink category is rather spectacular as it offers outings such as a four-course meal for two at Gordon Ramsay's Pétrus restaurant, which has been a coveted Michelin starred eatery for the better part of the decade. Due to Virgin's partnership with these associates, they are able to provide such one of a kind experiences at much lower rates than just visiting the establishment itself. This collection also includes restaurants from renowned chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Jamie Oliver and Michael Roux Jr among many others. 

Virgin also offers adventures such as flying in a Spitfire, driving supercars, or art classes with prominent artists. They also provide tailored options based on the price range, occasion and even organize 2-3 day trips for their customers. Their broad range of categories based on age group and gender will not disappoint any customer wanting to show their loved ones an unforgettable time.

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