Vistek is a Canadian store for digital cameras, lenses, video camcorders and accessories for cameras. Its main store is located in Toronto and retail stores are in Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga and Ottawa.

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Info About & Vistek Store

Vistek is Canada’s camera store and the source for Pro Video, Rentals, Professional photography, Clearance, Seminar, and events.

Vistek Store and Services

All the photographic and filming products are sorted under Photo, Video, and Lighting categories. These sections have Camera lenses, Tripods, Camera Flash, Video Accessories, Pro Audio, Light Shaping, Self-Contained Strobe and many more from largest and renowned manufacturers of the world, like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Epson, ARRI and more. 

Following services are offered at Vistek:

  • Commercial Sales- Through this, Vistek provide imaging and technology solutions to those who want the best video and photo equipment
  • ProFusion Imaging Expo
  • Services and Repairs- Vistek provides a part of many of the products. So, you just have to drop your equipment at the service center, Toronto or give a call, Vistek will do the rest.
  • Professional Photo Lab- Vistek takes your photos and gives them back in beautiful prints on canvas or paper.
  • Pro Imaging Blog- Get all the info regarding the imaging world, just stay connected to Vistek’s ‘All About the Image’ blog, which is ranked in the top 100 blogs in Canada.
  • Free Imaging Directory- Vistek’s Imaging Directory has a deep pool of talented people, including videographers, photographers, illustrators, clubs, studios, and designers. So, if you need something creative or want to list service of your own, Vistek is the right place to get the help.
  • Great Rentals- You can rent professional items and other amazing stuff at Vistek at great prices.


A customer can gift Vistek Gift Cards (up to $500) to share the love for family and friends. Vistek also offers great deals on Open Box, Demos, Overstock and Pre-owned Gear with a 90 days guarantee.

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