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Walmart Mexico is the Mexican arm of the US-based multinational retail corporation Walmart. Walmart Mexico is the largest arm of Walmart outside of the US operating out of more than 2,400 locations. The company aims to provide its customers with cost-effective solutions to their purchasing needs. The Mexican stores were also the first to be launched outside the US offering similar services as its American counterparts.

Fighting for Sustainability      

The Company aims to improve the conditions in which its customers and employees work and live in. They do so by with the help of the Walmart Foundation that lays major emphasis on what Walmart considers the four major pillars. This has resulted in more than half of the stores being operated in the country being powered by clean energy sources. 


 The Company’s catalog consists of thousands of products that mainly consists of consumer electronics, beauty products, consumables, and video games among others. These products are listed for the most cost-effective pricing so the customers can make the most out of their money and purchases. They have also authorized retailers of several popular products including Samsung, Sony, LG, and HP among others.


Walmart incentives its customers through several added benefits for making purchases through their platform. These include benefits like easy tracking of orders, detailed order history lists, custom wish lists and ability to save shopping carts. These go a long way in ensuring that the customers have a hassle-free experience while shopping from Walmart Mexico.

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