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Get the latest fashion products and clothing from an online retailer in Germany. The retailer offers a wide variety of designer and trendy clothing, magazine, fashion, lifestyle, counsellor and more.

Store Website: wenz.de
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Wenz Germany's Annual Revenue is $9.2 million and Monthly revenue is $755.8 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Wenz.de & Wenz Germany Store

Clothes belong to that category of confusing things about which we have an unlimited amount of information and yet find it hard to take control of. Though there are different brands and sources of great, trendy and affordable clothing, as well as great theories and rules on how to organize our wardrobe, people are frustrated with the clothes they have and spend a lot of valuable time on just deciding what to wear to work. Wenz recognizes this universal problem is trying to do its share by providing tools that can help get rid of the problem: good clothes and information and resources about clothing and managing wardrobes.

A source of unlimited clothing and information

The shortest way to describe Wenz is it is the ultimate source of all types, styles and popular brands of clothing. They have clothing for both men and women; plus all category of clothing is available here. So, whether people are searching for formal or casual wear, modern or traditional style of clothing, daily wear or clothing for special occasions like holiday wear and swimsuits and clothing from any of the globally and locally popular brands, everything is available here. Wenz isn’t just limited to clothing but also provides products under accessories like bags, watches, etc., shoes as well as household and beauty products. And when it comes to data, their website is a source of unlimited information and resources for “how to organize wardrobes”. Right from methods to books to actual experts on the subject who can be directly contacted, everything is available.

Wenz Germany Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #221 Online Fashion Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #120 Most Popular In Germany

Ratings & Votes: 4.3/5 - Based on 18 Votes

Payment Options: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard

Annual Revenue: US$ 9.2 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 72 to 97

Daily Orders: 296

Daily Visitors: 13k

Website: Wenz.de