Wholesale7 is a site for online buying of clothes for wholesale prices. It offers latest and best Korean dresses.

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Wholesale7 is a China-based fashion company, renowned for its successful B2B model in fashion apparel and accessories. The product range of the company includes women clothing and accessories. Apart from female, male and kids also make a huge customer base for the company. Wholesale7, as the name suggests is an online wholesale company for fashion clothing. From the day of inception, the company evolved aberrantly and has left a huge impact on Chinese and Japanese fashion market because of its cheap and reliable products. 


Wholesale7 makes custom copies of clothes from Japanese and Chinese fashion magazines and sells him products to vendors at a comparatively cheaper rate. The company has a range of products in its lineage and suffixes demands of customers as per needs. One of the specialties of the company that has helped the company reach zenith is label customization. Wholesale7 is based on pillars of honesty, style, and quality. Since inception in 2011, wholesale7 has improvised exponentially and today has a growing market all across the globe. The highly responsive team of wholesale7 has helped a number of vendors and sellers in getting global presence, by the affiliate business policies. 

Wholesale7 always strives to include more product range in the company’s line. Affordable range of products, rewards and incentives, customer friendly policy and highly responsive user interface has helped the company in creating a strong foothold in the wholesale fashion industry. As of today, the company ships its products to America, Europe, Japan and all across China.

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