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With humble beginnings in 1994 grew up to be a success story one can only dream of.

Setting up of a physical location and an online portal in the year 1997 due to the disruptive changes in the technological environment and the Gaming Industry that prevailed at those times, the company has been successful in having a loyal customer base where video games, CD games, and their first DVDs would get delivered by Postal service the very next day.

The company has been one of the fast movers in order to adapt to the changing environment and their success story is worth listening to.

The online platform design where the company has a detailed list of product ranges that they have to offer that includes Games, Toys, Lego Blocks, Music, Movies, Books.

They also have “My World of Games” section where a registered customer can:

  • View his profile
  • Update his status
  • Order history can be checked
  • Management of his account can be done

The games that are available on the platform belong to various categories and some of the most popular ones are shown on the top of the charts on the basis of the sales volume and the recommendations posted by their loyal customers.

They also have a section of Games & News where the latest information is made available to the customers which enable them to make wise choices.

Variety of titles in books which range from comics, fantasy, Sci-Fi, youth, mystery novels is also widely available on the website for all age groups.

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