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Woolworths is the online website from where you can buy pleasing and comfortable garments, watches, magnificence gifts, beauty products and more at a discounted rate.

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Info About & Wool Worths Store

Woolworths which is fondly called as Woolies is a retailer in South Africa who brings to the customer's style, value, and quality. They have been around for 85 years and they are quite passionate about their work. You can shop for beauty, home décor, men, women and kids fashion, clothing and accessories and also food. 

The journey of Woolworths over the years 

Woolworths opened its first public store in 1931 in Cape Town. Max Sonnenberg is the founder and he incorporated dynamic store policies with the imagination of the public. This is what made them unique about their customers. Then they opened up various stores in various locations like Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg. They have built their reputation and they are well-known for their excellent value, superior quality, and exciting innovation. 

What makes them the best?

Woolworths want to retain and attract the best professional retailers. They were the first ones to offer medical aid, maternity leave and pension fund to their employers among the local retailers. They are also early technology adopters. They started computerized merchandising system from the early 1970s. They introduced “sell by” dates in 1974 on their food packages. This made them the first retailer in South Africa to do so. They also provided their consumers with machine washable wool clothing and also pre-washed lettuce. This offered convenience to its shoppers. Woolworths launched Good Business Journey in April 2007. This was to promote sustainability in 8 major fields including water, energy, waste, ethical sourcing, sustainable farming, health and wellness, social development and transformation. 

The values followed by Woolworths 

They have certain values they follow which they consider as the foundation of their business. Those values guide and provide direction on their actions, choices, and behavior. They measure their success not only on their performance but also on how well they live up to their values. Their first and foremost value is delivering the best style and quality. They always ensure that the supplier provides the best products according to the standards they set and they never compromise on the quality. The next is fair and simple deals. Their service is always oriented towards their customers. They always put their customers first and always provide solutions to everything they need. They are innovative and they create a difference. They discover a new process, new ideas, and new products to offer their customers. They find solutions and ideas by thinking out of the box to develop their business. Integrity is one of their value and they do what they say. They keep their promises and remain true to themselves which has gained them the trust of the audience. Their team is very passionate and energetic. They have 23,000 members on the team who are enthusiastic and really care for their customers. They promote sustainability to promote a better future. It is not only about promoting greenery in the environment but also in helping out the local entrepreneurs, sharing expertise, contributing to a secure and prosperous future for the country. 

WRewards membership 

You can save instantly with the WRewards. They have three types of membership which get upgraded when you shop more. You can shop and save a lot with this membership. You can get 15% off on selected items on categories like beauty, fashion, and home. Join now to get more benefits.

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