Zipmap is an online Zip Code directory that includes zip codes of all localities in United States of America. Users can find the location or landmark ZIP code by performing a simple search.

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Info About & Zipmap Store

Zip map is a US-based online information website. The website as the name suggests is an online repository of Zipcodes for different locations in the US. The website allows users to scan and find Zip codes for different locations in the US. The Website presents the users with a map of the US. Within the map users can find each region demarcated on the basis of their Zipcode, this allows users to find the area covered by that particular zip code.

Radar Now

Radar Now is a mobile app that has been developed by ZipMap. This app is a weather tracking app that has been developed with the aims of keeping users updated on the latest weather conditions. The app is available of the app store and comes with both a free as well as a paid version. The company claims that the app is the world’s number 1 NOAA radar display.

How does it work?

Customers who wish to use the services of the company can do so in two ways, either they can use the map directly to find Zip codes and corresponding area, or they could use the more traditional approach and type in the Zipcode in the provided search bar to find the region associated with the code.

Book Release

Users who visit the ZIpmap website are also greeted with an advertisement for a novel that has been written by the developers of the website. The novel is titled Human Dog World and is available on sale on Amazon. The novel is a work of fiction and is based on the themes of a post-apocalyptic future.

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