Archambault is a French language online bookstore, operating in Quebec, selling books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, games, musical instruments, toys and gifts.

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Info About

Archambault started off as one of the largest retailers of musical instruments that was founded in 1896 in Quebec. Today, it has grown and expanded to diversify its products to books, games and other products of interest. 

Products and Services 

Still specializing in musical instruments of all kinds, Archambault now sells books, e-books, sheet music, music, movies, TV series, games & toys, gifts and accessories. They have a special collection of poetry, theatre and essays for customers belonging to various age groups. Instruments like guitars, pianos, keyboards, drums and other orchestral instruments can be bought from the website at low prices. To know about their latest products and promotions, customers can sign up for their free email newsletters so that they do not miss out on special sales events. Their website is regularly updated to show the latest book recommendations and bestsellers along with the latest music and hit lists. Customers can also explore and discover various movies and TV series through their recommendations. They host various events in the many stores that are located across Quebec in Canada. They also offer free shipping on purchases that are above $39. 

They have more than 15 physical stores and have a major online presence as an online shopping website. They offer shipping for their customers located outside Canada at reasonable shipping rates. 

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