Costco Canada

Costco is a wholesale online store where you can get warehouse rates branded goods delivered at your doorstep. They are known for providing electronic computers, furniture, outdoor living appliances, jewelry and much more.

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About Us

Costco is one of the world’s successful warehouse club. It has its unit in the international market, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Costco Warehouse has 4000 Stock Keeping Units (SKU), compared to the 30,000 available at most of the Supermarkets. Costco’s products are chosen on the basis of brand, price, quality, and features. In this way, Costco offers the best value to members.

Costco Box

From Baby, Kids & Toys to Patio, Lawn & Garden, one can get everything under Shop by Department section. In these sub-sections, you will find thousands of items of trusted and prominent Brands. Some of them are Kingston, SanDisk, WD and more for Memory cards & Hard Disk under electronic section. Buffalo, Calvin & Klein, Adidas, and others for Shirts & Tops in Men’s section Under Clothing, Luggage & Handbag Section. Apart from these, what makes Costco Canada different is that it has other important and basic services which are Pharmacy, Services, Photo, Travel, and Optical. Like in Pharmacy, a customer can Shop Pharmacy, Refill Prescriptions, Transfer Prescription, see Patient Profile and can buy Vitamins, Supplements and more. 

Costco Perks

Costco offers membership to its customers through which they will get a number of benefits. The membership is of three types; Gold at $60 per year, Business at $60 per year and Executive at $120 per year. Costco also has its Gift Centre and Capital One Mastercard for its members. Costco has its members’ products recycling to save the environment. 

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