Chip Dip is the online retailer that offers measuring gadgets, electronic and radio parts, hardware, debugging and developing devices, home apparatuses and more.

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Chipdip's Annual Revenue is $148.8 million and Monthly revenue is $12.2 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Chipdip Store

Did you just come out disappointed with a hardware store? It's not the first time for sure! Check Chipdip        Russia to change this inconsistency and unavailability. It’s the thriving junction of electronic parts and sub-parts. Get what your device desires. This incessant jackpot is never lacking in being benevolent. Know your demand and the site will have it.

With variety stands the brand!

The range of different products it has stocked for the customers is inconceivable. No other virtual or even the real stores can have it. From a phone’s memory card to the parts of generators- the site has it all. Apart from an electrician, it can get you all that the electronics need and exist for.

Switches, motors, expendables, soldering tools, optoelectronics, instruments to measure, and what more! All of it can be an amiable availability to all those in need. No time to gape; check out this exotic Russian company.

How do you avail of this?

Click, select, order, pay, and wait. Yeah, that’s it. No need to go out knocking the reception of shops for your simple switches. Order them online. Be a part of the technological world. Let the revolution begin!

The interesting catalog will help you choose what you have in mind. No restrictions on buying- buy all you want pals.

The altruistic prices!

Chipdip Russia knows how difficult it is to wander for your products and then pay double the actual price. Hence, with ease in shopping, the site has broached the price factor seriously. Fewer prices on electronic products are what the customers need.

No bluff, no deceit, only true service!

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Category Ranking: #23 Electronics Shop

Country Ranking: Ranked #28 Most Popular In Russia

Ratings & Votes: 4.4/5 - Based on 25 Votes

Annual Revenue: US$ 148.8 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 201 to 272

Daily Orders: 1.7k

Daily Visitors: 100k