OLDI is Moscow-based online computer store that sells electronics, household appliances, digital components and more with brand warranty and lots of discount & deals.

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Info About & Oldi Store

There are a number of factors that come into play to make any store popular. Especially when it comes to computers and its accessories, for a store to gain popularity, firstly it has to provide a wide product range. People should have access to all products, both hardware and software, and all types of services at the store. Secondly, pricing is another important aspect; any store that offers products at lesser prices, as compared to its competitors, will be an instant hit. And finally, good support staff is essential for a good shopping experience and hence a computer store’s popularity. All these and much more are available at Oldi retail.

A great shopping experience

Oldi is the largest retail store for computers and electronics in Russia and perhaps the most popular one too. The main aim of this company is to provide customers with the ultimate shopping experience. And they realize their aim through:

  • A Wide product range: They have a wide range of products, everything that comes under electronics. People can either purchase offline or online and every product advertised is actually available either in their store location or at their warehouse. 
  • Great prices: The company aims to provide customers with the best pricing when it comes to computers and electronics. Oldi makes it happen through affordable pricing on every product as well as regular promotions, deals, and discounts. 
  • Awesome technical support: They employ an army of helpful and friendly support staff proficient in the field of computers.

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