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Buy electronics appliances, furniture, computers, jewelry, perfumery, exercise equipment and much more from the online store of Costco. Buy now to avail best offers.

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Info About & Costco Mexico Store

Costco Mexico is the Mexican arm of the US-based multinational corporation Costco. The company operates a chain of warehouse clubs that can be accessed by members only. Costco Mexico operates out of 39 location across Mexico. The company aims to provide its customers with the best quality of products at the most affordable rates. They do so by efficiently managing they're in house operations so that the total cost of the product is reduced. Another thing to note is that the company offers free shipping to all purchases made from the company, irrespective of the value.


The Company’s catalog consists of thousands of Consumer products including the likes of furniture, Jewelry, exercise equipment, video games and automobile components among others. As mentioned above most products listed on the site, irrespective of their value are eligible for free shipping. This helps the customers save money on shipping and handling charges. The company also covers the return shipping charges in case the customer did not end up like their purchase.

Maintenance Services              

Other than the products mentioned above the company also offers several maintenance services that the customers can use. The most notable of these is that of the extended warranty where customers can purchase additional protection for their purchases for a nominal price.


The Company provides premium services to its members through its premium membership programs. There are several such offerings that customers can join for a small amount of money. The programs enable members to avail additional benefits like annual cash rewards on purchases.

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