Segundamano is the best-classified website in Mexico that enable you to buy and sell autos, land, clothes, homes, furniture and more with honest customer reviews.

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Sengundamano is an online classifieds platforms through which users can list and sell various products. The company is based out of Spain and has an operational history of more than 40 years during which the company has grown and spread to several countries across the world, especially in Latin America. The company provides sells a platform to list their valuables at fair prices without having to worry about logistics and advertisements.

Product List       

The Company’s catalog consists of several used products that are listed by sellers across the country; these products include consumer electronics, automobiles, real estate and home furniture among others. To ensure the quality of products listed on the website the company employs experts who asses the quality of the products before listing them on the website. These products are checked to see whether they meet the set guidelines before being listed.


Other than product listings the company also lists services from several different operators on their websites. These include offerings like Remodeling and Painting services, Car maintenance and servicing, Equipment repair and advertisement services among others. These services too are probed for their effectiveness and quality before being listed to ensure that the customers have the best experience possible.

Mobile Application          

The Company also offers its service through its Segundamano mobile app that is available for both Android as well as Apple users. The app allows customers to make purchases more conveniently without having to leave the comforts of their homes. Users of the app can also avail special discounts, offers, and promotions that are special to the app.

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