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Decathlon offers attire, sports shoes, sports equipment, purchasing guide and more with free home delivery on each order. Enjoy the deal now!

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Info About & Decathlon Italy Store

Decathlon is one of the largest and renowned French sporting goods retailer stores. Having great accessibility of their services around the world and catering to more than 1500 stores in 49 countries, Decathlon has become a common name in the sports world. Decathlon stores focus on organizing co-curricular activities, catering to different age groups, and sports. Founded by Michel Leclercq in 1976, Decathlon started to expand worldwide, covering different places, cities, and countries. 

How It Works?

  • Select among 50+ sports option from the sports section styled for Men, Woman, and Children.
  • Select the Sport and products that interest you. Check the availability, price, color, size, and instructions.

Payment Methods

Select the product and choose payment method Bank Transfers (Accepted only on orders more than €40, Credit Cards, Electronic Voucher, or Gift cards.

Pricing of each product and goods is set according to the sustainability, brand, and designer type and also seeing the market conditions. 

Delivery and Transport

Choose the product and select the delivery option from Express delivery, Evening delivery, in post locker. 

To get the delivery time, one can log in to their respective accounts and track the consignment as shipment delivery will be calculated based on nation, availability, payment method, weight, and shipment.

Decathlon Sustainability

The main focus of Decathlon is to sustainably make an effort and pleasure of sports accessible to many. Decathlon has partnered with many industries and warehouses to make and convert 100 % renewable electricity by 2025. 

Many of the products at Decathlon are eco-designed and delivering Innovation at every step. Cotton sourcing and Environmental Labeling, Offering practical and Eco-friendly service along with safe and high-quality products. 


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