Elevenia is shopping portal offering stylish clothing, home wear, electronic gadgets, toys, jewelry items, shoes and more with free return and shipping. Shop now to get excellent deals.

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Elevenia is an online retailer of consumer electronics, fashion and apparel retailer. Their portfolio is vast and varied, also consists of several products. The company acts as an interface between the customers and the sellers. The company employs an Escrow system wherein the customers deposit the money with the company, once the seller has shipped the product and the customer has received it, the company transfers the money to the seller. This ensures the quality and authenticity of the products from the seller.


The Company’s product lineup Includes Mobile phones, Computers, Kids apparel, beauty products, and sports equipment among others. They have partnered up with several big name brands including popular favorites including Sharp, Quaker, 3M, Samsung, and Sony among others.


The Company offers a large selection of coupons for its customers. These coupons include offers and discounts for different products listed on the company’s platform. These coupons can be obtained from tokens as rewards for making purchases from the company. Along with this, they are also tied up with several banks across the country. This ensures that all customers who use different banks to make a purchase will have offers specifically tailored according to their banks.


Elevenia also hosts and curates a blog on their website. This blog consists of write-ups and articles that cover a range of topics including recipes, product reviews and tips, and tricks that are aimed at helping the customers make the right decision as well as to better utilize their purchase.

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