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JD is the trusted online store in Indonesia that offers PC, laptop, smartphones, home appliances, and more. Shop online now and get rebates.

Store Website: jd.id
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JD Indonesia's Annual Revenue is $208.3 million and Monthly revenue is $17.1 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Jd.id & JD Indonesia Store

JD Online Shopping is an online retailer of consumer goods and electronics who operates on the motto of Make Joy Happen. The company aims to provide a more flexible shopping experience to its customers through well-curated products that are of the most premium quality and that too at competitive pricing. The company aims to provide its customers with a safe and reliable service all the while meeting their every demand.


The Company’s catalog of products is very vast and consists of several days to day products including Mobile Phones, Computer components, Clothing lines, Furniture, Cameras, Sports equipment, and beauty products among others. They are authorized retailers of several popular brands including Samsung, Vivo, Sony, and LG among others. New products are added to the listings on a regular basis to meet the demand by customers. The company also recommends products to its customers based on their purchase history.

Mobile App      

Customers of the company can also avail its services through the JD.ID mobile app. This app is available for both android and apple phones. Using the app customers can enjoy the shopping experience the company provides from the comfort of their homes. Customers with access to the app are also eligible for special deals and discounts on select product listings.

Loyalty Program     

JD runs a loyalty program for its loyal customers. Customers who are members of the loyalty program are rewarded with JD points for each of their purchases made from the company. The points can then be exchanged for discount coupons or special deals. The more points the customer earns the higher is the reward they receive through the program. 

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JD Indonesia Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #17 Electronics Shop

Country Ranking: Ranked #3 Most Popular In Indonesia

Ratings & Votes: 4.4/5 - Based on 21 Votes

Year Founded: 2015

Employees: 500 to 999

Annual Revenue: US$ 208.3 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 201 to 272

Daily Orders: 2.4k

Daily Visitors: 140k

Website: Jd.id