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ePRICE is the online portal that provides best deals at the most reduced costs on IT products, movies, appliances, DVDs and substantially more.

Store Website: eprice.it
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ePrice Italy's Annual Revenue is $83 million and Monthly revenue is $6.8 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Eprice Italy
Amazon Italy
Yeppon Italy
Subito Italy
Website eprice.it amazon.it mediaworld.it bonprix.it yeppon.it subito.it
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Category Ranking #157 eCommerce Store #10 eCommerce Store #86 eCommerce Store #160 eCommerce Store #349 eCommerce Store #18 eCommerce Store
Country Ranking Ranked #9 Most Popular In Italy Ranked #1 Most Popular In Italy Ranked #5 Most Popular In Italy Ranked #10 Most Popular In Italy Ranked #35 Most Popular In Italy Ranked #2 Most Popular In Italy
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Payment Options - Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Pay by Invoice Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal - - Debit Cards, Credit Card, PayPal
Year Founded 2000 - 1991 - - 2007
Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 83 million US$ 8.8 billion US$ 57.8 million US$ 116.6 million US$ 52.3 million US$ 3 billion
Avg Order Size US$ 437 to 534 US$ 97 to 132 US$ 346 to 423 US$ 21 to 26 US$ 501 to 612 US$ 97 to 132
Daily Orders 467 208.5k 410 13.3k 257 70.9k
Daily Visitors 110k 5M 280k 110k 16k 1.7M
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Info About Eprice.it & ePrice Italy Store

ePRICE is the leading Italian operator in the e-Commerce industry. They sell millions of products every year by offering the convenience of buying online, even via smartphone, and the freedom to choose from many different delivery and payment options. Their mission is to serve the technological evolution of Italian families and homes. ePRICE has a catalog of over 1 million different products, thousands of special offers, with great competence and experience in the sale of high-tech products and household appliances. As a seller of the ePRICE Marketplace platform, you have at your disposal many solutions to integrate your management, CMS, inventory, orders and all the activities necessary for the management of your store.

Extended Warranty

ePRICE offers extended assistance of 3 years to protect your product from failures and lack of conformity. It is a service that allows you to receive technical assistance and unlimited repairs of your product through a network of qualified technician throughout Italy.

Punctual Delivery

Choose the day and time slot you prefer. ePRICE will inform you of the precise arrival time of the technician the day before delivery. You can also use the app, for more accurate delivery. They ensure you to get qualified technicians, specialized in the installation of the appliance you have chosen.

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