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Mondadori Store is the online library where you can buy books, eBooks, eReaders, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, video games, and gift. Check the site once!

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Info About & Mondadori Store Store

Mondadori Store is the largest Italian publishing center and one of the leading European companies in the sector. You will always find endless catalog - with over 11 million products, including books in Italian and in the original language, DVD and Blu-ray movies, music of all kinds, videogames for all platforms, toys, stationery products and much more. They offer a unique shopping experience with services that are increasingly integrated with each other and that unite the online world of Mondadori Store with that of physical stores. Do you want to make a gift? Choose the products you prefer. Mondadori Store delivers them to whoever you want. During the order process, you can indicate the address of the friend to whom you want to deliver the gift.

Secure Data

Mondadori guarantees you the utmost confidentiality on the information and data you have provided at the time of registration for your purchases. When you place an order, they need your name, e-mail address and payment details.

Pick-up Option

This is the service that allows you to buy on the Mondadori website and collect the products at the 80+ shops that have agreements throughout Italy. All you have to do is choose from the more than 11+ million products available on Mondadori Store, enter them in the shopping cart and select the delivery method as a pick-up option.