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Want to know How-to fix broken essentials and products? Lookup an online website that provides thousands of informational videos on various everyday essentials to help you to repair, service and diagnose problems.

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ESpares is an online spare part business operating across UK that deals in selling of spare parts and replacement parts. ESpares have been around the corner just a few years ago with a team of young minds who work hard and fast in order to provide the best spare parts service in the country.


The strength of the proliferating growth of ESpares is their team. They constitute a team of IT professionals, who keep rolling out all the available parts online and make sure that the system or websites is easy to use by the customer. Another team is the team that works on the spare parts, which part is needed for what and where. This is how they are building the expertise in the domain. Next team that make their work shine is the team of photographers who take hundreds of pictures of the parts to ensure that any customer who wants it, should be able to identify it at ease.

Product range

ESpares has reached up to a level where they have a wide range of products for which spare parts are available. Spare parts available at ESpares store is nearly 1 million. Their product range includes kitchen appliances, cooking appliances, dishwashers, laundry appliances, washing machine, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, AC, heaters, vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, lawn movers, garden equipments, TVs, smartphones, IPads, cameras, music devices, electrical tools, batteries, lightbulbs and many more.

For this range of products, ESpares ensures that the tutorials and guidelines to perform DIY is also available to customers. Thus, there are 500+ how to videos available.


ESpares has been working really good in terms of customer satisfaction and thus, they have received many accolades such as Internet Retailing Award Winners 2015, Commerce awards 2015 finalists, world retail awards 2013 finalists and many more to come in the near future.

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