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Searching for genuine gadget and product parts? Visit an online retailer offering parts for Home, floor care, Kitchen appliances, TV, Entertainment, garden, computing, audio, phones, Household and more.

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Partmaster is UK’s leading spare part retailer that has been providing spare parts of electrical products and appliances in retail. Having an exposure of nearly 21 years in the retail industry, Partmaster has got nearly 1 million products in their basket which can be found on their website and it is rare that a customer won’t find the spare part that he/she is looking for. is a daughter of Dixons Carphone family. Since the inception, excellent customer satisfaction has been the centre point of their success dart and the arrow has pretty much landed on the exact point, making them one of the most trusted sources for electrical appliances spare parts. 

Product range

Having nearly 1 million spares, they have always ensured to include the spares for all best existing brands in their list. Their spares list includes products such as cooker hood, ranges, fridge, dishwashers, tumble dryer, washing machines, ovens, microwaves, vacuum bags, vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, steam mops, garden trimmers, chainsaws, remote controls, TV, projectors, gaming consoles, music systems, audio devices, smartphones, iPhones, IPads, computers, laptops, fax, printers, tablets, camera and camcorders etc. 


Including these products have required them a great team of people who have proved their excellence to provide customer satisfaction and product care. This team has always ensured that the latest and most needed product spares are always available to them, so that no customer goes back empty-handed. 

Once the customer has a hand on the spare part of his choice, it is ensured that the purchased item reaches to the customer at the right time, at the right place, in a right packaging.

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