FashionGO is the online retail marketplace for clothes, shoes, handbags, apparel, accessories and more that connects millions of buyers and sellers across the globe.

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Fashion Go is one of the leading company in the world in the wholesale clothing market. The company is dedicated to supplying high-level products at cheap rate. To make the luxurious, stylish products accessible to customers, it is necessary to reduce the price of products. The company is hereby trending on the ideology, decided to provide the products at a cheap rate to vendors. Fashion go one of the pioneer company in the industry of wholesale fashion apparel.

Company model:

Established during the onset of this millennium, Fashion Go has developed itself aberrantly to suffix the needs of clothing vendor all across the globe. The main product line of the company is female apparels. Along with apparels, the company today also provides accessories to vendors. The product range of the company includes female wear; clothing’s for all season and functions, accessories like bags, sunglasses, jewelry and many more. Apart from its famous wholesale line of women clothing and apparels. The company also has ties with vendors for children and men apparels. List of products for the two domains is enough to groom both the categories from top to toe. 

The business to business (B2B) company model of the company is always on the route of technological advancement. This has helped the company to set and adjust according to the trends in society. 
With headquarters in Los Angeles, Fashion Go has created a network of clients all across the globe. The company is one of the leading companies in the business to the business model of wholesale clothing.

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