Golden Screen Cinemas

Golden Screen Cinemas is one of the largest Multiplex operators providing the synopsis, movie showtimes, and online booking of movie tickets.

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Info About

Established in 1987, Golden Screen Cinema is the biggest chain of cinema in Malaysia catering to over 34 plus places across the nation it has impacted the lives by bringing entertainment in all its new form.

Other recreation and entertainment activities

Apart from being the multinational cinema operator, Golden Screen Cinema also have an entertaining range of features as highest-grossing blockbuster premiers, shows, theater acts, live events, and concerts.

Management and workflow

Each management team of a particular unit where Golden Screen Cinema has its presence consists of an operational team, human resource team, marketing team, customer support team, housekeeping team and assistants of the management department. There are also workers, support service staff, housing staff, and executive to run every department of place working. Many people work in shifts. Team leader and Customer Assistant act as the main heads and report the management team.

A dedicated unit of the team looks after each department for running off screens, electronics, sound and audio, theatre, box maintenance, etc. A projection staff is always assisted by each team.

Tickets & Advertisements

A ticket plays the main role in the promotion of a cinema as well as the movies that are screened. Viewers and customers can earn loyalty rewards and ticket offers by earning credit points on the membership card of Golden Screen Cinema Ticket bookings can be done online or manually either in any way – Corporate bookings and promotions, Bulk Tickets, and special event and box tickets.

Big-screen Entertainment

With the picture quality of Sony HD 4K, viewers can experience the richness of amazing screen experience along with the facilities that are provided with amazing sound and audio quality with the help of Dolby ATMOS and ONYX sound quality systems. Recreational activities, eatery zone, and refreshments are also being served by the Golden Screen Cinema.

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