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Info About & Guardian Store

Guardian is Malaysia’s largest health, personal care and beauty chain. They have over 400 stores throughout the nation. This brand is widely popular among on the consumers of Malaysia and they trust it. They offer the best quality products at the most affordable price. With their extensive range of products, customer-driven focus, and strong branding, they have been able to be the top of the market. 

The motto and dedication of Guardian 

Guardian is acclaimed and recognized by their customers and their motto is “The One You Trust.” Trust, inspiration, and passion are the brand values they follow and provide the best service and products at the best price. They make their customers look good, stay well and have a healthy life. They provide professional and quality service and they have operations in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. They have trained pharmacist to offer consultation and professional advice to their customers. This ensures to provide the best customer service. These pharmacists also take courses to know the new drugs which are in the market to know all the changes in the medical field. 

The journey from the start 

Guardian first began as a 200 sq. Feet pharmacy in the year 1967. They have grown over the years to become Malaysia’s largest health, beauty, and pharmacy retail chain. They have more than 30 million customers now. They won several awards in the year 2000 and they were listed in the Malaysian Book of Records as the largest pharmacy chain. In the year 2003, they won the National Award for Creativity and Innovation from the Malaysia Design Technology Centre. 

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