Pricebook is an Indonesian company that supplies branded electronic equipment and other accessories. It ensures to provide every necessary product for home and office uses. From laptops & desktops to home appliances, a vast range of products is available in the store at affordable prices. It is a one-stop-shop for electronic gadgets and accessories to satisfy the requirements of tech enthusiasts.

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Info About & Pricebook Store

The world of electronic devices changes frequently and offers new products regularly. The improvements in features, along with modern designs, attract customers towards them. The company knows this fact and keeps the people updated with its latest collections of products. The extensive range includes a variety of mobiles & tablets, cameras, printers, and kitchen electronics. Further, a decent range of other quality accessories is also accessible to furnish the best shopping experience for every customer.

A great collection of electronic gadgets

The company offers a variety of products with high-performance and updated features. It provides a variety of appliances suitable for both personal and of?ce uses. In the mobile & tablets segment, the store has smartphones of top brands like Apple and Samsung. An enormous range of home appliances, such as washing machines, air coolers, televisions, etc. is accessible to customers at the best prices. For providing better results in different projects at the of?ce area, the company holds a complete stock of of?ce supplies, including printers, laptops & desktop peripherals, and projectors.

Quality accessories for perfect outcomes

For making the electronic appliances work accurately, accessories are essential and satisfy the necessities for a particular task. Realizing this thing, the company gives accessories for printers, cameras, computers, and tablets. Under each category, multiple options are available according to different models of gadgets. Games and entertainment devices are also available for an incredible gaming experience. Moreover, a decent range of kitchen electronics is present in the shop to reduce the workload during a busy day. A small but fashionable collection of beauty care products is available to furnish the stylish look to customers.