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Store Website: jumbo.ae
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Jumbo's Annual Revenue is $49.5 million and Monthly revenue is $4.1 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Year Founded 1974 1892 - 2000 1977 1962
Employees - 10000+ - 50 to 499 10 to 49 10000+
Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 49.5 million US$ 424.3 million US$ 3 million US$ 40.1 million US$ 141.4 million US$ 275.8 million
Avg Order Size US$ 476 to 643 US$ 476 to 643 US$ 476 to 643 US$ 1565 to 1913 US$ 476 to 643 US$ 476 to 643
Daily Orders 242 2.1k 14 63 692 1.3k
Daily Visitors 14k 120k 840 59k 40k 78k
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Info About Jumbo.ae & Jumbo Brand

Jumbo Electronics is the daughter company of Jumbo Group, UAE’s leading business group. Jumbo Electronics met their first customer in 1974 and since then, they have millions of customers, happily living under the shade of their services. Jumbo Electronics is a major consumer electronics and IT product supplier in UAE who deal in all the electronic products, selling products of all the major brand's names across many countries including UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. Since the time they are in business, they have continued to set benchmarks for customer service with their core value of strict abidance to the quality of their products and services.

Jumbo Electronics’ Horizon

Jumbo Electronics is present at many locations across the nation which includes their stores, logistics centre as Jumbo Logistic, 70000 sq. ft. service centre and Jumbo Serve. Headquarters of Jumbo Electronics is located in Dubai which controls the operations in UAE, Middle East Countries and Indian Sub-continent. 

Product Scope

Along with spreading their services across the borders, they have gone super ahead in their product range as well. Their product range includes electronics such as computers, televisions, smartphones, cameras, home theatre systems, music systems, gaming systems, mobile accessories, kitchen appliances,  home appliances such as refrigerators, AC, heaters, dryers, dishwashers, microwave oven, hair styling and grooming tools, irons, kettles and many more. 

Brand coverage

Not only the products, but Jumbo Electronics is also known for their coverage of brands as well. They have been a major distributor for Sony for years, along with all other big banner names such as Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Haier, LG, HTC, Lenovo, Nokia, Whirlpool, Xolo, Oppo, Dell, Daikin, Godrej, Diason, Epson and many more. 
Overall brands, they ensure that they deliver the best services to customers, thus they have various new innovative services such as Jumbo Exchange programs, Jumbo Salama and Jumbo Unwired crew.

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