Jysj Canada is a Canada based online retailer for furniture and home decor with 53 locations across Canada.

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Who are we?

JYSK is one of the world’s rapidly developing home furnishings retailers. Its wide range of products, home items or furniture are made with Scandi Style Nordic influence and offered at affordable prices. JYSK has more than 60 stores in Canada and JYSK Group operates over 2700 stores in 50 nations.

JYSK is a well known Danish retail firm that specializes in the sale of high-quality designer bedding items, furniture, mattresses, and home décor. The store is easy to access all around the year and there are often special discounts and rebates for customers to avail, enabling them to save a considerable amount of money on their purchase. 

What to shop?

Thousands of products Furniture, Mattresses, Home Décor, Storage, Bath and other categories to buy.  Furniture section include TV Stands, Chairs, Recliners, Stools and other items for Bedroom, living room, Dining or office are sorted. Then in Storage, you will find Boxes, Baskets, hangers, Garment racks and more. Every section of JYSK Canada is rightly categorized and products are properly listed.

Huge Variety of Furniture and Accessories for Customers to Choose from

Mattresses, bedroom furniture and items for the bathroom like shower curtains and bathroom rugs are examples of what customers can definitely come across for sale at such a store. The designs of the furniture items and accessories including mattresses are those that are inspired by Scandinavian designs and are characterized by plenty of elegance and sophistication. In addition to coming across furniture and accessories that are elegantly designed, customers can also benefit from a wide range of items to choose from. Customers are more than likely to be spoilt for choice when they shop at this store. 

Great Discounts and Offers to Avail 

JYSK is a store that is known to offer its products at discounted rates at specific times of the year. The items found for sale here are quite sturdy in terms of quality and seldom incur any wear and tear even if roughly handled. The store also provides quick delivery services with no time being lost at all in getting the products delivered on time to customer homes. The furniture and accessories are also packaged very securely to ensure that these do not get damaged while the delivery is in progress. 

Other Deals

On selected products, JYSK offers savings of up to 50% on a regular basis. You can receive your orders quickly if you go for pick up at your option which is free!

With JYSK’s hyperlink of Check Gift Card Balance, one can check the balance of his/her Gift Card. The customer will have to enter the 19-digit Gift card number and the security code to proceed for the same. 

Special Olympics

JYSK has played an important role in Special Olympics by partnering with it since 2006. The idea is to raise funds and make donations to spread awareness among people of Canada.

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