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Rona is one of the best destinations for all the answers if the question is your home. They have all the departments required for building that perfect dream house and then also maintaining it. The departments range from kitchen & bath to hardware & tools. They have departments for building supplies, decoration, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electricity, farm supplies, paints and outdoor as well. The products range from furniture to construction material to the appliances needed. They have a large number of options available for all product types and also have a lot of brands to oblige all budgets. Everything that a home can ever ask for is available at Rona. It is a one-stop solution for all the problems and requirements associated with a home.

Not just products

Rona is not just about products but also helping the customers to find one and use it in the best possible manner. They have DIY, guides, trends and pro tips for you to help learn and understand your spaces better.
There are innumerable DIY available for everything and anything. These vary from the installation of a bath tile to creating a Christmas ball wreath and building a back yard shed.

They have a lot of guides available for the customers to help them make the right choice and understand it better. These guides cover all parts and spaces of a house. These vary from renovating a kitchen to creating a functional workshop space in your garage to helping you choose the right dishwasher. 

They also have the lookbooks for the trending collections which are updated from time to time for you to design your spaces to set a benchmark for others.

It's never about only constructing and establishing a house, but the maintenance and cleaning are equally important. You can get all the pro tips and tricks that you require to make your work easy and effective.

Services for installation

Rona provides with all types of installation services at your doorstep be it for your kitchen, bath, backyard or any other.


Rona also has a wide range of snow blowers so you are prepared to fight off the snow storms.

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