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It is the UK's No.1 place for buying wine online. You can pick from 1,200 spirits, wines, as well as gifts. It has an option for home delivery.

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Info About & LaithWaite's UK Store

Lathwaite is a UK based wine retailer with an operational history dating as far back as 1969. The company was founded by Tony Laithwaite with the aim of providing the customers with a pleasant wine purchasing experience. The company aims to provide personalized wine offerings to its customers; this goes a long way in ensuring that the customer has a special time using the company's offerings. The company at the moment serves more than 100,000 customers, professionals employed by the company test more than 40,000 samples of wine each year and among these only 800 make the cut, meaning that only the best products pass through the testing stages.

Wine Rewards

Lathwaite rewards its loyal customers through Lathwaite’s wine rewards program. Customers who are eligible for this reward program can avail benefits like a free wine bottle on purchase of 12 or more bottles, free standard delivery and expert advice from professionals within the industry.

Well Reviewed

Lathwaite holds a 9.2-star rating out 10 indicating a high level of satisfaction from the customer end of things. This is in line with what the company wishes to achieve with its services. What further helps, in this case, is the customer friendly return policy practiced by the company which provides the customers with  100% money back guarantee if they find the product, not up to their liking.

Shows and Events

The company also organizes several shows and events across the UK that are conducted by experienced professionals within the industry. Lathwaites allow their customers access to these shows and events for a nominal fee. These shows include events like wine tastings, wine festivals and flagship road show that move from town to town.

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