Majestic Wine is the largest wine retailer of UK. The website offers online buying and free home delivery.

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Info About & Majestic Store

Majestic Wine is an award-winning UK based wine retailer offering both online and offline services. With operations starting as early as the 1980s the company has since grown to become the leading specialist wine retailer in the UK. The company believes in providing the customers with fun experience whether they are buying or selling wine. Majestic Wine specializes in special and interesting wines and aims to make these more accessible to the customer at an affordable price.

Customer Support

Customer Support is always at the forefront of all of the company's operations. They ensure that all their customer get the best possible user experience while shopping at their store. They do so by employing the most down to earth, enthusiastic and friendly employees. All individuals working for Majestic Wines are trained professionals and are accredited with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. This means that all employees are more than qualified to answer any questions the customer may have regarding their purchase.

Complimentary Services

All these offerings and services provided by the company wouldn’t feel complete with complimentary services. These services serve to bridge the gap between the customer and the company. Majestic Wines too provides these services to its customers. These include services like free delivery, free click and collect which allows customers to collect their order from a store of their choice and no quibble guarantee which promises customers that the company will accept returns If the customer did not find the product to be of their liking.


Majestic Wines offers rental services for wine-related equipment like glasses and chiller bins. Customers can loan these items free of charge for a specified time.

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