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The most prominent collection in the market, with the best selections of books, CDs, Blu-Rays, DVDs, LPs, Games, eBooks, AudioBooks, and more at Livraria Cultura.

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Info About & Livraria Cultura Brazil Store

Livaria Cultura is a famous bookstore chain in Brazil that was founded in the city of Sao Paulo by Eva Herz in 1948. They offer some of the best discounts on their products and host a number of events throughout the year. 

Products and Services 

Specializing in wide range of books and special book sets, Livraria Cultura also sells e-books, movies, TV series, toys & games, stationery supplies and magazines. Electronics, gadgets, gift items and many collectibles can be found in their store and on their online website as well. To facilitate the reading of e-books, they sell Kobo e-readers at a good discounted price. They have their own magazine called Cultura Magazine where they share many lifestyle articles, interviews, latest books recommendations and reviews while covering other topics of interest such as arts and theatre. To know about their special sales and promotional events, one can just subscribe to their online newsletter and stay up to date with their latest offers. 

Livraria Cultura Itaucard 2.0

For customers who regularly buy from Livraria Cultura, they have introduced a special Cultura Itaucard for rewarding customers on their purchases. There are two different levels of membership which are Gold and Platinum where customers can earn 1.5 points and 2 points respectively for every $1 spent by them. These cards can be used in various other establishments which you can check by going on their official website. Some other benefits include personalized recommendations and exclusive deals. 

People can choose to either buy from one of their stores located across Brazil or simply order their products online. Residents living in Sao Paulo can enjoy an additional benefit of same day delivery and all customers can enjoy a 5% discount for online payment of their orders.  

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