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Info About & Travessa Store

Dating back to 1975, with a touch of old Brazilian art and culture as a small bookshop name Travessa was established and began its story and now one of the biggest book stores in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. Travessa is a place which started to get popular as the biggest Bookstore in Brazil specializes and covers a wide range of book categories with distributor of books to other books stores. Travessa is a place where writers, journalist, authors and local admirers like to come and sip coffee and gets interested to write.

Product range

Under the books category, the books range from kids bedtime books, art and craft, health and grooming, art, and interiors, literature and fiction books, science and experiments book, travel and tourism, history and antique book, and many more to its collection.

There is another collection to Travessa Books Store which also includes Audiobooks, Video Series, Documentary tapes and CDs on history, art and culture, travel tourism, music, famous speeches, big moments in histories, movies, shows and presentations, and also prime cartoon and Disney children collection along with audio videotapes on study materials.

Initiative and Social Encouragement Programs

Empowering the culture of writing, authors and reader Travessa or Livraria da Travessa partnered with POIESIS in upbringing the amateur’s writers, author, and the reading community along with the Social Organization of Culture where interested ones can invest or promotes readers across the nation. It also helps underprivileged people, children and society to get access and closer the bookstores where the facility and services of providing books, education, and culture activities are affordable.

People can also donate books to any of the Municipal School with whom Travessa is tie-up in catering to the needs and provide others help.

How does it work?

All you need to do is to make your account and get confirmation as a member of the Travessa Book store, later select from the range of different categories of books, DVDs, audios, Movies and get through the payment gateway. One can earn gift rewards, discounts, and point on every purchase or transaction you do or support through donations.

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