PC Specialist

PCSPECIALIST is one of the largest manufacturers of performance custom laptops and personal computers in UK that enable you to customise your gaming experience.

Store Website: pcspecialist.co.uk
Based on 38 Votes
PC Specialist's Annual Revenue is $51.4 million and Monthly revenue is $4.2 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Store Name
Pc Specialist
Cyber Power System
Website pcspecialist.co.uk cyberpowersystem.co.uk chillblast.com alienware.co.uk dinopc.com overclockers.co.uk
General Information
Category Ranking #25 Computer Store - - - - #10 Computer Store
Country Ranking Ranked #164 Most Popular In United Kingdom Ranked #280 Most Popular In United Kingdom Ranked #303 Most Popular In Global - - Ranked #64 Most Popular In United Kingdom
Ratings & Votes

38 Votes

41 Votes

2 Votes

87 Votes

Year Founded 2003 - 2010 - - 1999
Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 51.4 million US$ 48.2 million US$ 32.1 million - - US$ 39.7 million
Avg Order Size US$ 328 to 443 US$ 850 to 1149 US$ 850 to 1149 - - US$ 377 to 461
Daily Orders 364 132 88 - - 259
Daily Visitors 24k 6.6k 4.4k - - 98k
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Info About Pcspecialist.co.uk & PC Specialist Store

Though almost everybody today uses a computer, a very small population actually understands the various parts that make it and how they contribute to the actual working of the computer. But in case you are one of the select few, you will understand that not all parts and manufactures are made equal when it comes to quality. So, if you are interested in building your own computer from scratch there are companies like PC Specialist that help you with it.

Configuring Your Dream Machine

Whether you are a computer noob or an expert, configuring your dream machine is quite easy with PC Specialist. They have an extremely easy to understand and navigate website that can help anybody put together their dream machine whether it is a personal computer, laptop or an all in one machine. And whether it is for gaming purposes or professional purposes all types of hardware and software is available here. 

Quality and Longevity

True to their name, this company is a specialist especially when it comes to providing quality PCs. Every one of the PCs is made to order and then go through a process of rigorous testing so that they can withstand prolonged use and all levels of stress.

Green All The Way Through

PC Specialist is an environmentally conscious and is quite motivates to do their part when it comes to being eco-friendly.  Thus, through recycling and using renewable energy, they make sure their processes and their products are as green as possible.

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