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PC World is the UK-based retailer of laptops, computers, tablets, printers, PCs, desktops, iPads, hard drives, cameras, networking devices and more with best offers and free shipping.

Store Website: pcworld.co.uk
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Store Name
Pc World
Pc Specialist
Mymemory Uk
Website pcworld.co.uk overclockers.co.uk pcspecialist.co.uk novatech.co.uk cclonline.com mymemory.co.uk
General Information
Category Ranking #47 Computer Store #10 Computer Store #25 Computer Store #35 Computer Store #31 Computer Store #32 Computer Store
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87 Votes

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Statistics and Financial Metrics
Avg Order Size US$ 328 to 443 US$ 377 to 461 US$ 328 to 443 US$ 352 to 431 US$ 245 to 300 US$ 36 to 44
Daily Orders - 259 364 165 770 304
Daily Visitors - 98k 24k 10k 15k 13k
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Info About Pcworld.co.uk & PC World Store

Buying a computer isn’t such an easy task; with so many brands selling different types and models of computers, the choice available can be overwhelming. But then if one is exposed only to a narrow range of choice, then one might miss out on good models and deals. So, what is the best solution to this seemingly first world problem? The best partner when one is planning to buy a computer, or any other device, is the nearest PC World (retailer) store!

Multiple Locations

With more than 160 stores all over the United Kingdom, finding a PC World (retailer) store nearby is not a big problem. Rather the problem is being able to decide on what to buy. One of UK’s largest in retail computer market these are dubbed “superstores” for devices and related technologies. This means that they have a huge retail store with everything from computers to tablets and everything in between in a wide variety of sizes, models, specifications, and brands. And what is unique to these stores is that all the wide range of products is available at unbelievable prices. Apart from the store locations, they also have an easy to use, well-designed e-commerce store. 

Perks Of Purchasing Here

Buying at PC World (retailer) is advantageous as:

  • One can buy in a brick and mortar store as well as online
  • One can order online and collect at a nearby store location
  • They provide free delivery on all products
  • They have great deals on products and returns

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