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Shop bike and cycle parts from an online bicycle part s retail store. The store sells spares, parts, components and related accessories for different types of two wheelers from worlds top brands.

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Info About & Ribble Cycles Store

Ribble cycles are one of the leading cycle retail store online, in the UK and Australian sub-continent. Ribble started more than a century ago, in 1897 and is currently based in Preston, Lancashire. Ribble has extended away from the UK as well, to Australia. Ribble has won many hearts and awards and has been offering the services to all the riders including leisure riders as well as serious and passionate cyclists.

History of Ribble

Ribble’s business was taken ahead by Terry Dove, who completed his silver jubilee at Ribble, before starting to include his son, James. During the early 90 times, mail order concept was launched in the UK by Ribble, who caught a quick pace in the market and the business kept on growing. With the success of commonwealth games and Olympic talks in terms of cycling as a regular sport, more orders started coming, and sales started growing. Looking at this proliferating growth, Ribble got large size warehouse in Bamber Bridge, to meet sales targets. During the same time, in 2001, Ribble started their website for continuous growth and expansion and to reach maximum customers, including core cyclists as well as leisure boys and girls. In 2013, again warehouse capacity was stretched by shifting to leach place, and in 2015, Terry retired.

Products & Services

There is a wide range of bikes and its components which are available with Ribble. Nearly 20,000 products are available at Ribble’s store and warehouse which includes bikes of all types, terrains, and applications such as BMX, Mountain bikes, road bikes, track, and triathlon bikes and electric bikes, bike components such as gears and accessories, and apparels for cyclists. Ribble has focused equally on men’s need as well as women’s need during cycling. While building up this product range, they have covered all the major brands in the cycling field which provide bikes and their components. The inclusion of these brands keep the customers motivated to choose the products of their favorite brands.

While delivering these products, it is important to deliver them with great service, exceptional quality, and unbeatable prices. Along with the supply of all parts, there are services like a 30-day trial, price match guarantee, click and collect, 30-day test ride, cycling insurance, and loyalty program. This is all important to maintain the trust of the customers, who run the show on the roads and they need to stay happy with the services.

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