Shimamura is the Japan-based online retailer of musical instruments that also run music classes. Check the official site for more information.

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Info About & Shimamura Store

Shimamura is the online retailer of musical equipment and instruments that includes electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, drum, amplifier, DJ equipment, recording equipment, piano, string instrument, headphones and much more. Regardless of how you want to shop, you have ensured the same low costs, negligible delivery costs, extraordinary information, and customized service from experts at Shimamura. With real-time data on when out-of-stock items are back in the warehouse, you can know what's in the store when.

Always Brand New

Fresh out of the box new products are delivered from the merchant's manufacturing plant to warehouses, at that point from the distribution center to you – there's no reroute through a retail location where the containers are opened, and the items put on display and sold as leftovers. When you shop online, they will ensure you always get new, fresh factory product from authorized manufacturers. 

Simple Payment

Start paying now with Play as you pay! With the Play as you Pay installment alternative, you can get the gear you need now, and pay the expense over various installments. Approval couldn't be simple - simply select an installment plan during checkout. There's no paperwork, and Shimamura never charges you extra interest! This will ensure you are buying your most loved equipment at any time.

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