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Trivago has expanded leaps and bounds since its establishment in the year 2005 in Düsseldorf by three German gentlemen, Rolf Schrömgens, Peter Vinnemeier, and Stephan Stubner. The company, however, back then did not have such a reach because it started in a garage due to lack of any sort of capital investment.


  • is a metasearch website which allows you to find hotels and lodging options from across the internet.
  • They search the internet and bring before you as many as 19 million images and reviews of hotels from different websites.
  • The website also provides you with additional filter options which help you in choosing your ideal lodging opportunity.
  • The reviews are provided by travellers who have travelled to those places in the past and this gives you a more realistic idea about how the place can and will be.
  • The website also provides you with the option wherein you can also leave little reviews about all the fun and exciting activities that one can do in a particular holiday spot.

Other services

  • The prices that you can see on the website are derived from different hotel booking websites.
  • The website also has an option for travel businesses to list themselves on the website.
  • There is a separate secure online booking form for this very purpose.
  • The website also has sections which can further assist you and clear all relevant queries about the booking procedures as well provides you with the legal information and terms and conditions that are kept in mind by both parties while conducting business.

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