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Get a range of swimming and outdoor equipment for a fit lifestyle. Get FREE delivery worldwide. Next day delivery available in UK.

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Info About & Wiggle UK Store

Wiggle is leading cycling and sports equipment supply retailer based in the UK, an independent brand name under Wiggle-CRC group, which was formed in 2016. Prior to that, Wiggle was founded by Mitch Dall in 1995, who bought bicycle shop Butler cycles with a legacy of 50 years at that time. Since then, the market has always seen Wiggle’s products keep increasing in numbers as well as customer satisfaction. From a bird’s eye view, Wiggle-√áRC group turnover is £400 million+ with the headquarters of Wiggle brand located in Portsmouth, UK. 

Products & Services 

Earlier wiggle supported the market with its cycling products but later on, realizing the potential in the market, Wiggle has extended their business profile to all sports equipment, including marathon equipment, swimming products, running and biking accessories, and many more. By including all these products, Wiggle is serving the adventure industry for campers, cyclists, mountaineers and swimmers and other adventure lovers. 

Not only they are providing quality products to the market, but Wiggle’s quality of service is also excellent which has brought made accolades and opportunities for sponsorships, to deepen their feet in the business. All the products are supplied, nationally as well as internationally, with return acceptance internationally as well. Along with fantastic delivery, many gift vouchers are given heavy discounts to all enthusiasts, to keep the society happily growing.

Social Media Presence & Competitions 

Wiggle has kept a special focus on social media presence as well as a presence on grounds by sponsoring and organizing competitions. This has been one of the key success factors in feeding the industry with qualitative sports equipment and apparels. Wiggle’s best part lies in supplying products for all ages including kids, teens, and adults.

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