myToys is the online store that sells children's goods, toys, games, goods for babies and other products of well-known brands at an affordable price!

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A baby coming to the family soon and the shopping isn't done yet? Or is the 2-year old is growing out of her clothes and toys real fast? The 6-year old's Halloween party in a few days and he doesn't have a costume?
 Well, you don’t have to worry because My Toys is the perfect stop for the needs of all your children.

Product range

The website offers a massive variety of products ranging from toys, clothing, and accessories to school supplies, holiday costumes, and even various games and activities to develop their hobbies. All these products are from popular licensed European brands that kids have grown to love over the years.

The website is available in all member states of the EU and Switzerland and can be accessed via,, and

Other facilities

The website frequently hosts various discount offers and sales that you as a parent, can take major advantage of while stringing along your kids for extra fun. Additionally, there are contests that kids and parents can participate in on the website and win prizes up to 2000 Rubles.

Apart from that, My toys, also known for its speedy delivery throughout the country due to the broad spread of its stores, gives you a guarantee of delivery within 2 days of ordering your product.
On the whole, My Toys is the right place for all your child’s needs and is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

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