Detmir offers merchandise and toys for kids at least cost. Pick and order kids' items with free delivery in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and different urban areas of Russia.

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Detmir's Annual Revenue is $271.9 million and Monthly revenue is $22.4 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Detmir Store is better known as the Detsky Mir Group of companies that was founded in 1947 in the city of Moscow. It is the largest retailer of children’s toys and products in Russia as well as Kazakhstan. They have more than a hundred stores located across Russia and Kazakhstan and their online store was opened in 2011. 

Products and Services 

Whether you’re shopping for your newborn babies or pre-teen children, has one of the largest collection of products including toys, dolls, stuffed toys, radio controlled toys, play sets, action figures, board games and puzzles. They also support and understand a child’s educational needs and have a good collection of educational toys as well. Baby products such as diapers, napkins, bath & body care and their nutritional needs including feeding mixes, milk substitutes and baby food are available too. To ensure that your child gets the best of outdoor activities and exercise, you can buy from their various ranges of outdoor games, clothes and shoes at competitive prices. They also sell furniture for a children’s room and pet supplies for all kinds of pets. Some of the featured brands that you can find in their store are Paw Patrol, Masha and the Bear, Thomas & Friends, Disney, Hot Wheels and Star Wars. They offer various promotions and discounts from time to time which can be notified through their online newsletter.  

The Company mainly deals with products related to kids and as such their catalog of products reflects the same. Their product lineup mainly consists of offerings such as Diapers, Clothing lines for kids, utensils, cleaning products as well as baby food among others. The company has partnered up with several popular baby product brands such as Fisher. Price, Tiny Love, Disney, and Hot Wheels among others. The company also allows its customers to order or purchase gift cards.

Children's World Bonus Card has implemented a special loyalty program for their customers in the form of Children’s World Bonus Card and Universal Bonus Card. By signing up for this program, customers can earn 5% back on their purchases in the form of points when buying clothes, shoes and other goods belonging to ELC and ABC Brands. For other products, they’ll earn 2% back in the form of points. 1 point is worth 1 ruble and these points can be later redeemed for discounts and can also be used to pay for the full amount of the purchase. You can easily keep a track of your points by downloading their smartphone application where you’ll also receive exclusive deals and offers. 

Customers can either buy directly from one of their stores or through their online website. As of now, they ship their products only within Moscow and a few selected cities in Russia. They do not ship their products to other countries of the world. 

Detsky Mir is a Russia based online retailer of children’s goods. The company’s name literally translated to Children’s World, as a reference to the products they sell. The company has an operational history dating as far back as 1957 when it began operations. The company now operates out of more than 525 stores across 43 cities across Russia. The online store of the company had annual revenue of 8.8billion rubles in 2018 which was almost 8% of the company’s entire earnings.

Detsky Mir rewards its customers through the Bonus Card reward program. Using this program customers can earn bonus points for each purchase they make. For each purchase, the customer earns reward points that equal to 5% of the total purchase value. Here 1 bonus points equal to 1 ruble. Customers can save on these reward points and use them while making purchases to avail discounts.


The Company hosts a massive blog on its website containing thousands of articles and write-ups that talk on different products listed on the platform. Customers can go through these articles to clear any doubts that they might have had regarding the products. This would make it easier for them to choose the products that are in line with their requirements.

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Category Ranking: #2 Toys Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #11 Most Popular In Russia

Ratings & Votes: 4.7/5 - Based on 37 Votes

Payment Options: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, MNP

Year Founded: 1994

Annual Revenue: US$ 271.9 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 88 to 119

Daily Orders: 7.2k

Daily Visitors: 360k