Want to buy designer clothing products and accessories online in Russia? Visit an online retailer offering clothing, bags, footwear, accessories, new items, and arrivals, across brands at amazing discount offers.

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Info About & Butik Store

Butik is a Russian retailer of clothing and apparel. The company is one of the largest players in the online fashion segment in Russia. In addition to its online store the company also operates out of more than 350 stores across Russia. The company sourced most of the products that it lists on its platform form some of the most popular brands from across the world including Lacoste, Lee, Wrangler and Levi’s among others.


The Instashop is a unique offering form the company consisting of pre-made combinations of clothing and apparel. Thes have been built by designers employed by the company and are in line with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Customers who wish to purchase a part of the collection listed in this segment can click on the images displayed, to get a list of all the offerings that are included in the image, from there they can directly add these offerings to their cart.

Useful Information

While shopping with the company, many of the customers get confused with the use of certain terminologies. To help out such customers the company has set up a useful information section consisting of all the information that the customer will need to understand the different terminologies and abbreviations that they see on the shop.

Butik Club Card

Customers who shop with the company can apply for a gift card. While shopping with the gift card, these customers can earn reward points. Over time customers who accumulate these reward points are rewarded with discounts on all of their purchases. The higher the accumulated reward points, the higher will be the discounts.

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