Labirint is the online bookstore where you can purchase books, toys, video, audio and substantially more at a reasonable rate, best return policy, and free shipping.

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Labirint's Annual Revenue is $117.1 million and Monthly revenue is $9.6 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Labirint Store

Labyrinth is one of the famous online bookstores based in Moscow and is among the top three largest bookstores in Russia. They offer thousands of products of various categories and at affordable discounted prices than the original. 

Products and Services 

Books belonging to various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, thriller and sci-fi among others can be found in their physical and online stores. They also sell educational books and college textbooks at huge discounts. Other items like stationery supplies, magazines, CDs & DVDs, games, software, songs, movies, and gift items can be bought from their website. They also have various autographed books and educational books for children of various ages. 

Labyrinth has their magazine with the same title where they share various book recommendations, latest products, book reviews and other articles for customers to explore and discover. They have a separate magazine for children titled “Children, Now” where parents can discover articles related to educating their children and buying the right books for helping them grow and learn new things. They also host various contests on their website where customers can win great prizes by taking part in them. 

Labyrinth Discount Programs 

To reward their loyal customers, Labyrinth has a special discount program where they can avail up to 15% discount on their purchases. There are various brackets which determine the amount of discount a customer is eligible for. After buying for the first time, a 5% discount is applied to their order automatically. For each subsequent purchase that they make, the amounts of the purchases are accumulated, and they receive a flat percentage of discount based on the amount.  However, they need to make sure that they enter their code for the amount to be counted in the discount bracket. By purchasing products up to 5000 rubles, they’re eligible for 5% discount. An amount between 5001-9000 rubles grants them 6%, 9001-13000 rubles will grant them 7%, 13001-17000 rubles will get them 8%, 17001-20000 rubles will get them 9%, 20001-23000 rubles will get them 10%, 23001-30000 will get them 12% and any amount above 30001 makes them eligible for a flat 15% discount on their purchases. 

Labyrinth Bonus Programs 

Various bonus programs are held on their website on a regular basis. During these periods, customers can avail certain benefits such as products at heavily discounted prices, free gifts or credit balance by taking part in these programs. Customers also have the opportunity to get a separate bonus for writing product and book reviews on their website. 

Customers can buy products directly from their website or smartphone applications. They also have the option to order their products through the phone, and they ship their products to various countries.

Labirint Fun Facts

Quickly compare with other similar Alib Russia, Chitai Gorod, Bonprix and others.

Category Ranking: #6 Online Book Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #12 Most Popular In Russia

Ratings & Votes: 4.9/5 - Based on 56 Votes

Payment Options: Cash Payment, Credit Card, Gift Voucher, Visa International, MasterCard World Wide

Employees: 1 to 9

Annual Revenue: US$ 117.1 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 26 to 35

Daily Orders: 10.4k

Daily Visitors: 300k