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Find the latest movies and new releases in UK all available at fingertips through this website. The best multiplex change to make movie watching an experience like never before.

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Info About

When times get hard, chill with popcorn and watch a movie on Television. Well, no more. It’s Boring. But Cine World is here to tinge this old tradition with a new location and that will be the big screen of the cinema hall and that too in the cheapest way possible. Yeah, you read the right words! If this is not going to make people jump their seats, then there’s more that can.

What is intriguing?

In this busy world, people have only one thing that can stop themselves static for hours and that is a movie. Cine World knows this. It has worked progressively to bring the collection of best movies in a row. The different screens devised are available in 2D, 3D, Super Screen, IMAX, 4DX, and ScreenX.  Watch in whatever you feel like.

The surprising element comes with the Unlimited cards proffered by the company.


Get a card made for you to enjoy unlimited movies for a month. The card ensures an individual’s entertainment. Being the owner of that card helps in going for any movie, for as many times as wished for, and in the 2D screen. It does shout FREE FREE FREE! The fun accelerates es when one year of the card is completed. Next year gets you a special membership of watching free movies in the 3D screen.

Perks you enjoy.

The card also brings you beverages at a discount of 10% in in-cinema. Restaurants that are associated with the Cineworld caters a 25% discount on food. After one year, the jackpot also opens the door for you to get a 25% discount on the in-cinema food. Now does it sound boring? NO!

Other specialties

The hall can be utilized for business at conferences. Even school bookings are available here. If want more, visit the site and check for Cineworld nearby screen.

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