Golden Village

Golden Village is a 50:50 joint venture by Village Roadshow of Australia and Golden Harvest of Hong Kong. It is Singapore's leading movie theatre operator that enhances the movie-going experience.

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Golden Village is considered Singapore’s leading cinema with about 13 multiplexes. The latest type of seats offered is twin leather seats, spacious and sleek. 

The driving force is to develop luxurious cinemas and personalize the movie-going experience. Golden Village is famous for the wide choice of movies, the best comfort, and state-of-the-art design. 


Couple seats, grand seats, luxurious seats, 3D movie screening, duo deluxe and GV max (widest screen in Asia), Golden Village allows moviegoers to choose which type of theatre they would like to be seated in to watch their movie. 


A cinema that offers merchandise to its users to keep a piece of their favourite film.  

For mothers and kids:

Golden Village screens movies targeted towards mothers and kids. The lights in the cinema hall are not dimmed all the way and even though it is reserved for targeted customers, it is not restricted to them. Others are allowed to watch the same movies but have to be prepared to face crying children. 

Gift cards:

Gift cards can be purchased online for all days, weekdays, food and beverage only and for gold class.

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