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Info About & Decathlon Germany Store is the German arm of Decathlon the French sports and fitness equipment retailer. The company is based out of France and has an operational history dating as far back as 1976. The company offers its customers a wide range of products including sports accessories like camping gear, hiking gear, and trekking gear among others. These products are offered for men, women as well as children.

Product Testing 

The company with its product testing program allows select customers to try out new products before they are released to the public. This program is beneficial for both the customers as well as the company itself as, customers who are part of the program get to keep the products that they are sent, this helps them save money, the company. On the other hand, can get valuable feedback from the test customers. This information can then be used to improve the product before release.

Decathlon Blog

The Decathlon blog is a dedicated sports equipment and apparel blog that talks contain articles on a range of topics including swimming, fitness, running, cycling and soccer among others. The articles on these blogs are aimed at enabling customers to make the best use of their purchases. The blog also contains articles that focus on helping customers who are unsure about what to purchase.

Decathlon App

The Decathlon mobile app allows customers of the company to enjoy its services while on the move. The app is free of cost and is available on both Apple as well as Android platforms. Customers can access all the services offered by the company through the app. Customers shopping through the app also have access to special offers and discounts that are exclusive to the app.

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